TCGC Family Member Needs Our Help

Hello TCGC Family, 

One of our color guard families is hurting right now. Please read the tragic story and how you can help. 

Jenna is a junior at Cypress Falls High School and a member of the choir and color guard programs. She is one of those super sweet, kind students with a generous heart. The last we saw her was at the community prep rally performance on Friday at CFFCU Stadium at Friday Night Lights.

She was in a tragic accident Saturday night and has had surgeries and procedures done, and the last update was that she was stable after her body was cooled down to keep the body/brain from swelling. The passenger in the car, Lily Haugen- also a junior choir student, unfortunately did not survive the crash and was declared deceased on the scene.

There is a ton of information coming to light with each passing hour, and the more that comes, the more heartbreaking it is. Sending so many positive thoughts to both of their families, Jenna's doctor's, and of course Jenna and Lily. 

If you have the ability, please consider donating to her family. If you can not, please send out good energy and share this.

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