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Bryan HS Viking Indoor Percussion

Laura Grems
Staff List:

Jared Overton

Matthew Mason

Member List:

Ronald Busby

Kaylan Palado

Chris Cargo

Daniel Rodriguez

Gregory Karmr

Arianna Blumenthal

Brnadon Garza

Luke Hubacek

Aiden Eneks

Joseph Gargano

Jasmine Sanchez

Madisen Scarborough

Kindall Zemanek

Ethan Fabreo

Matthew Quintero

Hunter Hoelscher

Isaiah Gilbert

Kendall Kelley

Sebastian Zamora

Michael Kornhoff

Sam Cruz

William Kornhoff

Malcolm Moore

Ian Teitlbaum

Jacob Johnson

Jeremy Flores

Shawn Buchanan

Marco Patlan

Christian Moore

Additional Details:

This is VIP's the 5th year of competition in TCGC.   During this time, Viking Indoor Percussion has steadily worked its way up through the ranks of both Scholastic AA class and Scholastic A class,  and is the reigning Scholastic A class champion. Prior to this, VIP was named the Bronze Medalist in the Scholastic A class Blue Division in 2015. Viking Indoor Percussion thanks Bryan ISD Superintendent Dr. Christie Whitbeck, Director of Fine Arts Mr. Patrick Corbett, and the principal of Travis B. Bryan High School Mr. Lane Buban.


Scheduled Performances

March 03, 2018
Percussion/Winds - Details
Percussion: 26 of 20
Winds: 2 of 3

March 24, 2018
Percussion East - Details
Percussion: 36 of 40
Winds: 2 of 3

April 14, 2018
Percussion/ Winds - Details
Percussion: 39 of 50
Winds: 2 of 5

February 10, 2018
Percussion/Winds - Details
Percussion: 39 of 40
Winds: 3 of 3

March 10, 2018
Percussion/Winds - Details
Percussion: 25 of 21
Winds: 1 of 2


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