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Eisenhower High School Mighty Eagle Guard

Michael Owen
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Cati Fuentes

Isyss Jenkins

Jazmin Farias

Jasmine Mercado

Paulina Garcia

Anastasia Estrada

Clarissa Banegas

Kayla Brown

Miah Smith

Destiny Gonzales

Stephanie Herrera

Nisaa Thompson

Amber McBride

Jocelyn Velazqez

Stepfany Espinoza

Josie Escobedo

Mikayla Jones

Abigail Ehlers

Paul Leturia

Jaison Sorto

Gisele Hinojosa

Martha Aradillas

Julieanne Ehlers

Gladis Rivera

Megan Duarte

Garland Harland

Additional Details:

To be read as introduction to the TITLE - Dedicated to the familes, students, and victims of the recent tragedies.  Through turmoil and pain, like the Phoenix, from ashes we RISE!


Scheduled Performances

February 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 76 of 76

February 24, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 84 of 80

March 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 76 of 58

March 24, 2018
Area East (North) - Details
Guard: 75 of 75


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