Our Members

Clear Creek High School

Heather Hyde Wargo
Staff List:

Hailee Reeder- Assistant Director


Show Title:
A Midsummer's Night
Member List:

Madelyn Evans, Captain

Tatiana Portillo, Captain

Katelin Ammerman

Baleigh Cavalier

Pir'Chaih Dickerson

Ella Gard

Noelle Krueger

Additional Details:

Completely rebuilt from the ground level for the 2017 winter season, the Clear Creek Color Guard was promoted from Novice to SRA their first winter out. In winter of 2018, these same students were promoted again to A class after earning a 91.55 their first show out. 


The Creek Guard Programs are an essential part of Fine and Performing Arts at Clear Creek High School


Scheduled Performances

January 27, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 68 of 70

February 10, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 70 of 73

March 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 76 of 58

March 24, 2018
Area East (South) - Details
Guard: 64 of 73

April 07, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 78 of 80


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