Our Members

Spirit Independent from The University of Houston

Joe Cataneo & Marcie Webb
Staff List:

Sara Bryant

Cheryl Cantil

Lindsey Davis

Austin  Houghton

Javier Naverez

Shana Salter

Jordan Stith

Charles Williams


Show Title:
Scarlet Seduction
Member List:

Alex Cook

Sarah Luster

Hanie Mendoza 

Charlie Michalsky

Tony Perkins

Maddy Trahan

Lacey Wegner

Christopher Wilson


Additional Details:
  1. Spirit Idependent is sponsored by The Spirit of Houston marching band from The University of Houston. For more information, please visit UHBANDS.com. 

Scheduled Performances

February 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 76 of 76

February 24, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 84 of 80

March 10, 2018
Color Guard JV-World - Details
Guard: 42 of 60

April 07, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 78 of 80


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