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Hutto High School JV

Ashley Wood
Staff List:

Director: Ashley Wood

Show Title:
The Tightrope
Member List:

Captains: Jasmin Granados, Jade Ngoc. Members: Gavan Frias, Kim Le, Austyn Hambry, Qualey Alloway, Shelby Williams, Citlaly Legunas, Natalie Villareal

Additional Details:

This is the very first year that Hutto High School has had a JV Winterguard. Half of this team had never even touched a flag before November! We are very excited to grow the colorguard program at Hutto HS and watch these students experience what Winterguard is all about! 


Scheduled Performances

February 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 48 of 60

February 03, 2018
Critique - Details
Guard: 17 of 8

February 24, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 75 of 80

March 03, 2018
Color Guard - Details
Guard: 48 of 60


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