Adjudication Update

Dear TCGC instructor community: On behalf of President Jessica Torrez and my TCGC Judges Association colleagues Doug Henderson (VP-Adjudication) and Scott Pizani (Interim Judges Coordinator, I am writing with an important reminder about factored scoring in Equipment and Movement for all guards on the Cadet, Novice, Regional A and A sheets, as well as changes to scoring practices for Cadet, Novice and Regional A.

As you may know, this past spring the WGI Task Force voted in a change to factored scoring practices for the Regional A class, which TCGC has adopted for the 2024 season. And so, I have put together a brief (five minute) video that explains factored scoring in general, its origin and evolution in Equipment and Movement, consideration for strategy in show design, and the changes in calculation for Cadet, Novice, and all classes using the Regional A sheet. In short, the following standard will now be used in classes that apply Equipment and Movement factored scoring:


Remains 70 (Vocabulary) 130 (Excellence)


Changes to 60 (Vocabulary) 140 (Excellence)

The evaluation process of judges and assignment of numbers in these captions WILL NOT change.

I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the video here: . If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at . All best wishes to you and your performers on the evolution of your program for 2024!

Yours truly--Greg Llacer, TCGC Chief Judge