Early Show Sign-up

The first round of show selection will open on Oct. 15th for units who have paid.

Units are asked to only select 2 shows. Any other shows selected will be deleted at the discretion of the Circuit Administrator.

Units are also asked to choose one compete-by show date until all units have had a chance to sign-up for compete-by. All units (guard, percussion) must compete by February 9th.

Field Day does not count toward compete-by.

Only a sanctioned TCGC adjudicated contest will count toward the compete-by designation.

Spring Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended our Spring Meeting! Minutes and reports are available in the TCGC resources section of CompetitionSuite. (Click "LOGIN" button above and click the "[=] TCGC" button above your unit's name. Image attached for reference.)

Some important things you may have missed...

  • We are using CompetitionSuite for membership and registration. (Please see the meeting minutes with how to generate an invoice to pay member dues. Image attached for reference.)
  • We encourage all unit directors to clean up their CompetitionSuite profile and staff lists. Many school have outdated staff associated with their unit.
  • If you are not an admin for your unit and need to be, please contact the Circuit Administrator, Jaime Martinez.
  • The 2019 Contest Calendar is available in the meeting minutes and as a separate doc on the TCGC resources page of CompetitionSuite.
  • The first postmark for season membership has been extended to Monday, August 27th.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Our website is now supported by CompetitionSuite!

Directors, Judges, and Staff:

We have migrated to using CompetitionSuite Pages as our new website hosting service! This new service is fully integrated with CompetitionSuite! When you login to register for shows, you will do so through CompetitionSuite.


Many units have old staff members on their accounts and haven't updated contact info in a while. It is super important that you take care of this ASAP!

Please contact Jaime Martinez, Circuit Administrator, or Stephen Howard, President, for more help.

TCGC and PepWear Announce New Merchandise Partnership

The Texas Color Guard Circuit and PepWear are thrilled to announce a merchandising partnership, effective the Summer of 2018. Through this partnership, PepWear will provide official merchandise for TCGC events, bringing a world-class retail experience to an established and respected pageantry organization.

PepWear has been commemorating student achievements for over 30 years, making a partnership with TCGC a natural fit. TCGC’s mission to celebrate the excellence displayed in pageantry through teamwork, character, and skill is the defining vision of this partnership.

Fans and performers can expect an all-new showcase of products that will honor their hard work and commemorate their experience. The apparel, designs, product choices, and shopping experience will bring even more excitement to their special moment.

“We’re honored to partner with a highly-esteemed organization like the Texas Color Guard Circuit,” says Craig Johnson, President and CEO of PepWear. “At PepWear, we believe that every student matters, and that every achievement matters. A partnership with TCGC, an organization that shares our values, is the next step in our mission to honor student achievements. We can’t wait to start planning for the new season and creating new ways to commemorate these events.”

“Since our inception over 20 years ago, TCGC has always strived to set the bar in our activity,” says Stephen Howard, President of the Texas Color Guard Circuit. “We could not be more excited to choose PepWear as a partner because we believe they will help elevate our memorabilia to the next level. We recognize that each event is unique for performers and fans alike, and through our partnership with PepWear, we will be able to offer more opportunities to hold on to those memories. PepWear has consistently been a leader in their field and the partnering of our two top-tier organizations will be an amazing opportunity for both our participants as well as our fans.”

Stay tuned as the 2019 season approaches for more updates. Follow both organizations on social media to get news on events and apparel.