2021 TCGC In-Person Event Protocols

Please find attached the 2021 TCGC In-Person Event Protocols.

Although not an exhaustive document, it does provide clarity to many questions that have been asked as we head into the 2021 In-Person season as it relates to COVID-19.

This document may be updated as we get closer to the season starting and as health regulations demand.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]org

Upload Instructions for Virtual Events

Click the attachment for uploading instructions for our Virtual events hosted by FloMarching.

Show Selection for 2021 is NOW OPEN

We are all very excited to get closer to the season start and that means SHOW SELECTION!

Below are some notes for show selection.

Show sign-up starts at 12:00PM Friday, Jan 15th.

For 2021 - there is NO minimum number of shows to qualify for the Finale show.

Virtual Shows

  • Both "In-Person" and "Virtual Only" units can choose virtual shows.
  • Virtual Only units cannot choose to go In-Person later in the season.
  • You will see 1 option for Virtual Percussion/Winds and an A and B option for Virtual Color Guard.
    • There is no difference between the two options.
    • This is merely to break up the virtual weekend for our judging panel.
    • Each Virtual guard show will have 40 slots or the potential for 80 performances each weekend.


  • Each In-Person unit is guaranteed the shows within their assigned Area.
    • With the COVID-19 precautions, units are not allowed to compete out of Area.
  • Units cannot compete in Virtual and In-Person events on the same weekend.
  • For those who are paid, units will be signed-up for shows in the appropriate Area.
    • Directors will then be notified when they can remove a show if you are NOT competing In-Person for one of your registered events.
  • If your fees have not been received when show sign-up starts, your unit will be activated when fees are received and directors will sign-up for shows.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]org

Solo and Ensemble Registration Instructions

Instructions for Solo and Ensemble Registration

Please read through the entire document carefully.

Registration opens November 30th and closes on January 8th.

Check the TCGC website for performance dates. Instructions for loading videos will come soon.

All you have to do to register is create an Invoice…

  • Unit directors can register their entire team in one invoice OR individual students can register and pay for themselves through CompetitionSuite.
    • A Director who wants to register their whole team needs to do so at the same time - you cannot go back and add entries later. Deleting entries is easier.
      • If a Director registers their whole team, TCGC will need one payment - not individual payments per entry since this will be on one invoice.
    • The individual who creates the invoice is responsible for payment.
      • If registration is done by an individual student, they will be responsible for payment.

All registrants will need to start as a new unit


TCGC uses the CompetitionSuite system for communication, tabulation, and commentary. It is free to sign up and is required for membership.

Please follow these directions to register as a member of TCGC.

1. If you do not have an account, please create an account here:

2. Click here to signup your Solo or Ensemble NEW TO TCGC

Once the association is approved, the group name will be displayed along the left side of the page. Be sure to provide your phone number to ensure you can access your commentary from your phone!

Scroll down to Solo and Ensemble and check off “New Group”

You will then choose your Division/Classification AND fill in all the information to finish your profile.

If you have a second or third group, you will click on ADD ADDITIONAL GROUP


Now complete the payment information page.

  1. You can pay with check or credit card but you CANNOT pay with a Purchase Order.
  2. We must receive payment before your registration is complete.
    1. Please send the invoice if paying by check.


The invoice will be emailed to the email address you provided in the email field. You can also see the invoice in your unit profile under INVOICE.

2021 Registration Opens Nov 15

Registration Instructions


Registration for the 2021 season will open on Sunday, Nov. 15th.

Attached you will find registration instructions.

CLICK HERE for Registration Instructions

Remember, we are offering 2 tracks this season - In-Person and Virtual. You will choose the regular classification if you want to do in-person or both, and you will choose Virtual classification if you are ONLY doing virtual.

The eBoard will be crediting back Area and State fees from 2020.

To do this, the TCGC Administrator will need to manually adjust the invoice after you create it.

Please allow 48hrs for your invoice to be adjusted before paying or sending to district accounting.

We will not know AREAs until we have a better idea of registration.

If you are interested in and able to host an in-person show, please email [email protected]org.

It does not look like Solo and Ensemble registration will be available Sunday, Nov. 15th. We are still working with CompetitionSuite to make this happen. WE WILL STILL OFFER SOLO AND ENSEMBLE.

2021 Announcement

TCGC is pleased to announce our plans for the 2021 season. Since March of last year we have been working to make this become a reality.

We will be offering Solo and Ensemble as well as a performance season with virtual and in-person options.

Although this year has provided challenges, we believe we are offering multiple opportunities that will provide all of our membership a positive and safe experience.

Registration will kick off November 15th. Click below to read through all that TCGC has to offer.

We look forward to seeing our membership continue to create and produce unforgettable memories.

-TCGC E-Board and Staff

Fall 2020 Meeting Recap

Fall Meeting 2020 Recap


Thank you to all those who attended our Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting on August 9th! So much was accomplished with discussions, voting, and learning how to function in an online format.

Minutes and reports are available in the TCGC resources section of CompetitionSuite. (Once you log in, click the "[=] TCGC" button above your unit's name.)

Congratulations to the following who were elected Sunday:

President-Jessica Torrez

VP of Adjudication-Doug Henderson

VP of Education-Joey Powell

Secretary-Mark Waldon

Task Force Members:

Color Guard East Rep-Ryan Page

Color Guard East Rep-Nick Vizza

Color Guard East Rep-Beth Young (Appointed by the e-board)

Color Guard West Rep-David Duffy

Color Guard West Rep-Jen Barton

Percussion Open Class-Dusty Norris

Percussion At Large West-Jordan Garza

Percussion Concert-Bryan Waites

Percussion Valley Rep-Jorge Martinez

Winds- Chad Dempsey

TCGC is excited to have these incredibly talented and knowledgeable people on board for the 2021 season.

Important Information:

The executive board will meet at the end of this month to discuss the results and information from the WGI Circuit Partner's Meeting held 8/16/20. We have already started preparations for this upcoming season and value your input and feedback.

A membership survey was emailed through CompetitionSuite. Please fill out by 8/28/20. If you did not receive the survey in the Recap email, please email [email protected]

Each month we will be reporting any updates related to TCGC 2021, including guidance from local authorities and the CDC. We will also have frequent communication with all potential show hosts. TCGC is committed to providing the best for our students and support for our instructor's/staff.

What's Next?

As you and your unit prepare for the start of school, we wish you the best. This year presents unexpected challenges, but it will also teach us so much about our purpose and the innovation we can create. The executive board is here to answer any questions you may have.

2020 TCGC Hall of Fame

Please help us in congratulating our 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees! Jackie Gilley and Don Click!

You can read about them both here.

TCGC Coronavirus Update

Directors, Staff, Judges, School Administrators:

The Texas Color Guard Circuit has been actively monitoring the potential impact of COVID-19 for the past several weeks. At this time, our events have not been impacted and will proceed as planned unless local or state health organizations suggest otherwise. Our show hosts are in contact with us as well regarding any updates from their administration about school closures that may affect our events. At the time of this email, no events have been canceled.

The best source of accurate information are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Both offer a wealth of information and recommendations and continue to provide regular updates as this rapidly evolving situation unfolds.

As we wrap up our competitive season, please continue to practice good public health hygiene. We recommend individuals and organizations take the following steps to protect themselves and our community at large. We have a role to play in limiting the impact.

  • Encourage participants to wash their hands with soap and water regularly.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
  • Anyone who arrives at rehearsal or for a show that shows signs of illness or becomes ill should be sent home.
  • Perform routine cleaning and sterilization of equipment, instruments, and other items handled by multiple people.
  • Prevent all sharing of water bottles, food, makeup applicators, etc.

For additional recommendations, please view the CDC pages on personal prevention & treatment and business/organizations recommendations.

TCGC is committed to working with our event hosts and state and local health organizations and will follow all guidelines and recommendations from those entities to ensure participant safety and public health remain a priority. We will update all participants should the status of any of our events or operations change.

TCGC Code of Conduct

TCGC Code of Conduct

The Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) has adopted comprehensive documents and procedures as developed by WGI Sport of the Arts. Please direct any questions regarding these policies to Stephen Howard, TCGC President at [email protected]

The newly revised Code of Conduct for Participating Groups covering participants, staff, and volunteers has been expanded and more clearly defines expectations of conduct, compliance, and reporting for groups participating in any TCGC-sanctioned event. While a Code of Conduct for TCGC Personnel has also been adopted and strengthens the expectations already in place for all TCGC staff, Executive Board, and administration.

It is essential for all members of the TCGC community have information on how to address concerns that may not be in support of this commitment. With that in mind, TCGC has also developed a Participant Protection Reporting Policy as well as a new process of reporting concerns on misconduct or alleged noncompliance directly to TCGC. The Participant Protection Reporting Policy will assist an individual connect with the appropriate party to ensure any concerns brought forth are addressed.

TCGC, in following the leadership of WGI Sport of the Arts, will require all employees, judges, and volunteers to undergo background checks in partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives using guidelines from the National Council of Youth Sports. These background checks will screen convictions and pending dispositions for felonies, crimes involving force or threat of force against a person, crimes of a sexual nature (including sex offender registrants), crimes involving controlled substances, crimes involving cruelty to animals, and crimes involving harm to a minor. Additional language in the contract for services has also been added for individuals to disclose any situation that might not appear on a standard background check but could disqualify their participation by violating the spirit and intent of the Code of Conduct.

TCGC is also encouraging participating groups to follow best practices within their organization. Groups should follow their school district policies or state and local laws regarding employment of educational staff interacting with students. Steps should also be taken to formalize compliance and reporting procedures within their group to align with the Code of Conduct.